Research and Publications

Our research and publications

Research and publications
Lack of knowledge, misinformation and political apathy are a reality in our church and society. Part of the legacy of Apartheid is that it inculcated a culture of dichotomizing the political from the spiritual. There is serious lack of resources for people in the religious community with regard to their social and political responsibilities from a theological perspective. As a result, power is exercised over the powerless while the systems and structures of leadership and governance exercise their privileges to take advantage of the poor and deprive them instead of serving them. The Religion and Governance programme will collect the data that emerge during seminars and symposia. Subsequently teaching and learning material, training manuals, study guides and publish papers of high quality will be produced with the aim of providing resources for people to use in advancing their knowledge in this area so that they can enhance the prophetic ministry of the church.

Action Research for Community Transformation

We do research on the lives of these people whom we call heroes, so that we can bring their legacy to the attention of the contemporary church leaders so that they can be inspired in their quest to address political issues. The researched stories are recorded, included in the seminars, compiled into MP3’s, CD’s and DVDs so that that they can be made accessible to as many people as possible during the proposed national exhibition days. The information is used for archives and in the memorial lectures with the aim of promoting awareness and increased dialogue and interest in issues relating to religion and governance in South Africa and the role that was played by these leaders and other African heroes.

Scholarship Fund (Master’s Degree and PhD Degree)

Scholarships for 20 students covering 2 levels of University education (Master’s and Ph. D. levels) will be an essential resource to support this often neglected area of study. African scholars often do not have scholarship to pursue this important area of study. This initiative largely depends on the political commitment of governmental power structures and their support. As the initiative takes root, the business community will be invited to contribute to the proposed scholarship fund. The importance of constituting a scholarship fund for students, focusing on African scholarship and unsung African Heroes, is self-evident. 

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