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Religion, Governance and Africa in the World Programme seeks to provide theological reflection, training, research and capacity for effective participation of church and surrounding communities in good governance in KwaZulu-Natal through the KwaZulu-Natal Christian Council (KZNCC) Consortium.


• Facilitate research, lectures and seminars on religion and governance
• Facilitate theological reflection focusing on issues around women, faith and governance
• Encourage dialogue on peace-building, religious tolerance and reconciliation
• Encourage discussions through media on the political development of Africa
• Organize seminars and symposia around African Heroes of Transformational Leadership


• To promote participation of religious denominations through their leaders and structures in building democracy and good governance

• To encourage and support democracy and participatory forms of leadership within and outside the church
• To facilitate a process of socio-ecclesial and political analysis
• To facilitate dialogue between government structures, religious denominations and other faith based organizations
• To develop theological knowledge on issues of democracy and governance through research
• To disseminate theological knowledge through seminars, symposiums and annual lectures
• To provide follow-up workshops to communities on matters of good governance. 


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